Thursday, April 21, 2016

Team R and it’s Riot at Riazor!

FC Barcelona caused riot in the Riazor of Deportivo yesterday by signing their visit with 8 goals and therefore ending a short but sad phase of consecutive losses that plagued our clean slate. Suarez = super hattrick with 4, Messi = an effortless 1, Neymar = 1, Rakitic = a classy 1 and finally the young Mark Bartra with a Maradona style run and finish.
Wow! Now that is what I call a comeback.


I just started my Spanish course so I’m pretty happy right now. I think you must have guessed since I’m throwing Spanish words here and there lately, not that being an FC Barcelona fan doesn’t teach you a word or two.
Thanks guys

Well my friends :) are you doing spectacularly? I actually don’t know what is my state now as a fellow member of the A to Z challenge, I mean can I even call myself a winner if I reached z?
It isn’t a big deal, I’m only curious :p
Okay no more chatter.
Ladies and Gentlemen
Team R

Rohan Singh from the Bollywood movie Happy New Year

Rohan, the lonely kid who wanted to be popular amongst the girls in his college but they were all into the muscular (dump) DJ, who treated him badly of course, so what should a genius do? Use his hacking skills to pretty much ruin his music.
Rohan is a nephew of Charlie’s friend (team C), he enlists him to be the gang’s hacker in his big heist and so it begins. He transforms from a boy with two left feet to a professional dancer in team India for dance, famous among the women and with good cash in his bank account, but he also grows to become a brave man.
Now Rohan may be an excellent hacker, just put a laptop in his lap with good internet connection and he can hack you inside any system, but this life style only added to his social isolation, under Charlie’s guide though he made new friends and got out of his self made cocoon.

Rohan and the gang in the elevator
some of the funniest scenes happen here

He’s quite funny, into photography, the cutest and youngest member of the gang, hence was treated tenderly by Mohini (the only girl) and if you want to push his red button just say something about his box, he will frown upon you and say
“don’t insult my laptop!”

And when it was time for Plan B to escape by the yacht, Mohini decided to stay and perform in front of the crowd who waited and cheered for team India, Rohan, though the youngest, and with the danger of getting arrested and jailed for so many years, he was the first one to step up saying I came to tell you guys you can take my share too because I’m staying with Mohini.
Bravo! That is a man act indeed.
So we got our hacker, whose next?

Roy Bromwell from PS Game Rival Schools

Well, well, I saw this one on the PS magazine, the rich American boy with attitude and I said “that’s my guy” I chose Roy immediately. And he did not disappoint.
Roy, the clever, the boy with A+ on all of his papers and talks like he owns the place, dislike cowardice, and he got style from hair to shoes. He was visually appealing as a character (I would still buy that jeans if I could find it anywhere). And awesome fighter too. I knew afterwards, during my research, that Roy hated Japan. Look: it was obvious he didn’t like Batsu & Co. he is represented to us as Batsu’s main rival, I mean they hit their fists together in the theme song for God’s sake, but to actually hate what he calls “Batsu’s country” was a surprise. 

He’s an exchange student, in case you were wondering what is he doing there then?
Why he’s so unti Japan? It appears his grandfather lost his leg during WWII. But of course this way of thinking shifts, especially after he and his group get brainwashed by the enemy and non other than Batsu & Co. were there to the rescue, Hinata, Batsu’s friend, talks him out of it with her friendly and cute manner, and the always unimpressed, bored out of his skull, too cool Roy, actually smiles. Hah!

Blah! blah! blah!

And do you know what I also found? 30 years after the events in the game, Roy dear is elected the President of the United States. Told ya I choose right.
Screaming Dream Team!

Roberto Miura from PS Game Rival Schools

Okay, so I did not want to add a third member here but since Roberto starts with an R why not right? And yes, he is the friend that Batsu invites to the Camp Nou when Bravo gives him and Benny tickets to the match (i.e. team B).
Roberto my friends is a football player, and he is good at it. And as it is the norm in RS for characters to attack with what their sport offers, Roberto hits with a football. I liked that about him. And I kindda appreciate this boy more now after I became such a football fan myself.
What I remember about Roberto (who is half Japanese half Bazilian) is that he was a sensible young man –if a bit loud and over competitive when fighting- always stuck in the middle of his two friend’s arguments, Shoma and Nastu and putting his hand behind his head in defeat when middle ground isn’t found. He was also breezy and liked a good laugh. But looked older and wiser than the other kids to me.
I also loved how he volunteered to help Shoma and Natsu discover who was responsible for attacking the élite of sports in the school. He simply offered his help as an élite in football. Such an intrepid.
And he’s versatile, he can play as goal keeper, his favorite position and as a forward, he is even offered to play as forward in the soccer team by a scout in his personal ending. Aw!
And by the way, all athletes in RS are loud.
Aaanyway, he plays football, he fights with a ball, versatile? Sounds dream team to me.

Our leader for the day is a player who joined the squad last season, been doing a great job including scoring. Tall, rough on the opponent but pretty calculating and class.

*Croatia’s Captain FOUR: Ivan Rakitic

There was this joke going on between the Barca boys on how if they win this or that they will cut Raki’s hair, his wife ended it by stating that if anyone dares to touch his hair, she’ll kill him. And really can’t blame both sides, he do have great hair.

Oh yes the hair

And he is truly new blood in the team, can defend well just like he’s good at offence, a midfielder but you can find him anywhere else on the pitch if needed, because of his position he has good eye on the game and can pass very well.
And man he seems to never stop, from the beginning to the end of the game he is running, running, running.
A nice guy, a solemn man and very effective, my type of perfect footballer.

Dad and daughter with CL trophy. Aw!

The team is introduced. Do you think they will mingle well?

Now Rcitic is the planner, he’s a non-kidding man, and leads his national team, has no time for Roy’s arrogant nonsense, hence, he'll force his authority immediately. Roy will find him worthy of respect. He won’t get any trouble from Roberto’s side.
After what he saw with Batsu and what the dream team can achieve, Roberto will be excited to be invited, he will follow Raki’s orders and will be quite pleased to be in the presence of a role model, and Rohan is a nice guy anyway only needs to be told what to do and will launch himself into his task.
I think they should attack a military base, all skills can be exploited. Hmm, the sky is the limit with this team :)
*I know, I know! Too many captains in FC Barcelona, no? let me see:
Messi/ Argentina
Iniesta/ (in many occasions) Spain
Neymar/ Brazil
Suarez /Uruguay
Turan /Turkey
Bravo /Chile
And Rakitic /Croatia
Have I forgot anyone?
We are a bit stuffed with national Captains. So typical of the greatest team ever :p

Hsta mañana!


  1. 8 goals is impressive. Hope you've had a great week

    1. Impressive indeed, thanks for your comment :)