Sunday, April 10, 2016

Team H is Here!

Alsalamu3alaykum me Friends!

Missed you all! How is the A to Z challenge going eh?
As I said before I won’t be posting every day, and the time off was quite productive regarding research work so your Captain is happy :)

I’m braking protocol and posting on a Sunday, but I couldn’t miss H. it’s my English letter.
Anyway, I believe today’s team is really cool (yes, I said it, watch out for the big head rolling your way…blah! blah! frankly, this joke's pretty boring by now).

Get to business already!
Oh chill!  

Hadassah Chadwick from Fanged Princess by Elisabeth Wheatley

I read books by young writers, children to be exact, (read anything for Adam Quinn? No? better start now) so Elizabeth isn’t the youngest,  she used to describe herself before going to collage as a teenage writer. I'm telling you this because what she delivered in Fanged Princess, is good art. Really good. Better art than that of illustrious and skilled (traditionally published) authors.
Hudassah is a vampire princess who made the mistake of falling in love with a human. When her father found out he sent her cruel uncle Devin to kill her lover and punish her in a way she will never forget.
So when her brother Damian repeats the same mistake and falls for a girl named Madelyn Hudassah is sent to talk sense into him. So what she does? The opposite. She vowed to protect the two and went out of her way, swallowed her pride and asked help from a hunting family. Who made sure to give her a warm welcome. Terrible night.
Snarky, really snarky, she answers to everything like she has the script of life. and the book is in first person so we are lucky to see everything through her eyes and words.
But in my opinion, what made her stand out than other heroines of such characteristics (aside from the great name) is her vulnerability that showed times I lease expected. This girl is also focused, she dosen’t get sidetracked from the original plan, she is resolved, to the end.
She can fight, she can argue and she always has your back. Haddie deserves a place in the Dream Team.

Sherlock Holmes  from BBC Tv series SHERLOCK

The full functioning sociopath is here. There isn’t a lot I can say that can give this complex character it’s right amount of praise. Who doesn’t love Sherlock? so what if he’s rude sometimes, okay awfully rude most of the time, but the detective who invented the science of deduction is very much (even if he refuses to confirm it) a human being like us who actually cares. He died for John, killed for him and is capable of doing more.
He also surprisingly gave the sweetest speech a best man could give on John’s wedding.

What can I say? Genius, like maybe the smartest man on Earth when it comes to solving crimes,  and even codes. I think it would be a waist to have a dream team without Sherlock.

Henry Mills  from Tv series Once Upon a Time

This very cute, cute little hero from Once Upon a Time has to make an entrance in my team.
Henry served as the one keeping everyone stuck together. His adoptive mother Regina (Evil Queen) and his biological mother Emma (daughter of Snow and Prince David) were enemies determined to bring each other down but little Ol Henry with nothing more than his innocent nature and a story book managed to make the women see eye to eye. He is the point that brings all the scattered very unlikely family together.
He is also the only one who discovered that the people on his small town were under a curse…he tracked down Emma all by himself and brought her there to break the curse. He was 10 I think? Wow! He even guessed who every person in the town is really is from the book.
A little boy yes but he inherited the best of the two sides: brave, moral, clever and has a big heart that believed everyone deserves a second chance.
He likes hot chocolate with cinnamon, awe!

Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter series like duh!

Another genius. Our favorite witch of all time, the girl we all wanted to be like. The brains, the best in spells and the courageous Hermione Granger.
Not more need said here. The name speaks for itself.   

Aaand there is a lack of H letter in the names of Barca players I will have to cheat and use my boy Haddadi again yay!

Munir el Haddadi

He’s fresh back from an adventure with Doctor Who, Munir will certainly welcome being part of a new dream team. And you know? I think I gave Munir good luck already, he started on Saturday's match against R.Ssiedad. Huh! You Go Captain!

So? Sherlock will be bored by everyone else except for Haddie, such wild and new experience for him, meeting an actual vampire! The Game is On! And a little behind Hermione.  Which craft is, hmm, mildly interesting.
Haddie would also be bored by all (especially Sherlock, trying to experiment on her at every corner) except for Henry. Too cute for her to ignore.
But Hermione, Munir and Henry will hit it right on.

This team is very dynamic, filled with thinkers who can also do the work, any kind of adventure, any sort of enemy won’t take long to be demolished by this team. I’m actually very proud, I will root for them to the end.
So, here you have it. Team H.

See you soon.


  1. Hermione was a hero to me when I was a teenager (yeah, I was a little old for the target audience by the time the books reached Hungary), because I was dorky and annoying like her, and never saw any character like that portrayed in a positive way :)
    And I do love BBC Sherlock :)

    @TarkabarkaHolgy from
    The Multicolored Diary

    1. (yeah, I was a little old for the target audience by the time the books reached Hungary)
      same case here ;) but we all love her still.

  2. Talk about an A team--all wonderful in their own ways.
    Melanie Schulz from

    1. Thanks for passing by :)glad you liked my team.

  3. Okay, best team EVER! I love that version of Holmes, and who doesn't adore Hermione?

    Good job and welcome back!

    1. Hey! Thank you ^-^ Yes, Holmes of SHERLOCK is simply the best.

  4. This group would definitely be able to solve problems and kick a**!