Friday, April 22, 2016

Team S has it All

Hello and Alsalamu3alaykum everyone!

We are to dive directly into today's team :)
Are you ready?


Shivani Shivaji Roy from Bollywood movie Mardaani

Trust me you want this girl on your team…you want her. Fierce, calculating and a power house.
No joke when I say, for Rani Mukerji that was the role of her life.
She can hit! Ready to stop a crime not caring if it’s in her jurisdiction or not, the law is the law with this officer. Children trafficking and drug lords and corrupted politicians; no one is safe from her grip, that girl is the hero I would call  to my aid in times of danger. And she is very real. 

Shivani is a kind of protagonists you rarely find in cinema these days, she’s unbreakable. You can see her beautiful vulnerable moments just when you think this woman is scary, but like I said, unbreakable. 

They tried everything with her, bribe, intimidation, humiliating her own husband, they even kidnapped her but that ended up messy (No Messi, not calling on you). Let’s just say the big boss found himself under some really high heels (won’t spoil it for you). All of these adversities kept her going and at the end she saved her girl, she saved all the girls.
I recommend you watch this movie, but I warn you, it is not for the faint of heart (unsuitable for children). 

Excellent with fire arms, hand-to-hand combat and man how I like it when she punches the bad guy to the floor then snaps her fingers ordering him to stand up so she can kick him again.

Stayls Stilinski from Tv series TEEN WOLF

The second reason why you should watch Teen Wolf after Scott McCal is definitely his best friend Stiles Stilinski. This kid is such an appealing character; you will say
where were you all my life?
Same as Scott, the supernatural world never eliminated his humanity, even in season three when he was possessed by a Nogitsune, a being of sheer evil, the horrible things he done to his friends. Yet the whole experience  did not touch his soul. Way before Lydia (who is considered the genius and also a Banchee) officially joined the team, Stiles worked as the thinker, helping Scott deal with his dangerous transformation into a werewolf and doing everything to keep it a secret even from his own father.  You can always feel the burden he’s carrying like he’s holding the world on his shoulders, constantly planning how to keep Scott safe from everything that comes his way, and pretty much protecting everyone else. I think he got that from his father the Sherif, the need to protect and shield and save.

Scott please open the door!

He can’t bear the idea of being separated from his friend, and planed their future in college  so they will remain close, and he has this awfully old and ruined jeep that became dear to us just like Dean Winchester's Impala, because of how Stiles treat it as a friend. No really, the old car is a character because of his attachment to it. When it stops (llike always), he says that it reacts to his anxiety.
He even had the jeep in his plans for the future, when Scott asked him your bringing the jeep? He said of course, we leave no one behind remember!
And man is he anxious, always on fire, speaks rapidly, humors, geeky, overly sarcastic (he can literary bite you with his comments) and does his research very well.   I’m proud of him, and how his instinct grew throughout the series that he’s more sharper and faster now at solving puzzles and his amazing ability to judge people’s character.
There was this episode, I in season two, where all the characters were trapped in an illusion in some old, empty hotel and the werewolves start committing suicide, Stiles and the girls ran everywhere saving them one after another. And when the time came for Scott, to me it was probably the most memorable conversation between the two ever, couldn’t get it out of my head. A breathtaking scene.  

Still a human and not a fighter but a natural when it comes to planning, sensing danger and has a big heart yes, but still he can talk you to death. Great skills for a dream team member eh?

Sam Winchester from the Tv series Supernatural

The tall and younger Winchester, who doesn’t know the famous Sammi who saved the world?
Oof! So much to say about Sam, Supernatural has 10 seasons, I’m currently watching 9. But for the sake of all that is brief I’ll just focus on some points.
The brains in the family, it is such a shame that the hunter life robbed him from finishing college. I admire his researching skills, he reads, fiercely. The other day I watched this episode where he and Kevin Tran the prophet (yea a prophet, just bear with me) had to go though an entire encyclopedia of dead languages to figure out some symbols (Dean decided to skip this task of course) and they finished in mere hours, I mean what? Wow!
Give me these books, pleeeeez!

Let me tell you what I like about Sam, the nicer, sweeter and much more behaved Winchester (other than being a bookworm): the times he turned to the dark side, too many, except every time Sam returns filled with hope. Hope for a better and happier future with family and friends. He endured so many deaths and pain and came back. Unlike Dean, who lives solely for Sam, Sam is the one who can continue if Dean is gone. This has been tested before and Sam managed to make a normal life for himself, and although Dean lived for a short while without him, he is never capable of repeating it again. 
When Sam dies, he wants it to be final. When Dean dies he wants Sam to come and save him, see what I mean. Reality is, the older Winchester is the best hunter the family and perhaps the world ever had, Sam though is the true survivor

Major expert in supernatural beings, good with arms and spells and can beat down even a demon. Have I mentioned how tall and huge he is? What did Crowley the King of Hell said on season 8? Oh yea “Jumbo size Winchester” so you know he’s on the dream team.

Kimura Shunji from the Korean Drama Giskatel “Bridal Mask”

Again I had no plans for a 4th member on team S but Shunji forced himself on me. And by the way, he’s a villain. The only villain I mentioned so far, but his odd circumstances put him more in the gray zone than the complete black. He did pay black a visit several times though. It is complicated.
I know many tragic villains but Shunji is on a different level. Anakin's transformation to Darth Vadar is pretty tame compared to his. When we begin the series Shunji walks among others like an angel. 
Still, even that early in the series, his situation was as knotted as ever.
A Japanese from a very rich family, who lives in Korea that is invaded by his country, his father and brother are officers and are downright nasty and evil, his nanny and best friend (Li Kang To) are Koreans and yet he loves them all very dearly.
Although the baby in the house, he proved the strongest in character and broke out of the family tradition and became a music teacher for kids in a Korean school (aw! Just like me!) his students loved him, he did not use his privilege except to save his underdog friends. You can see unicorns and rainbows when he’s around.
Look at him here, all smiley and happy in class.

Then. The inevitable happens, and his  brother is murdered by the hands of the national hero Giskatel (i.e. he’s best friend Li Kang To) and something begins to shift inside him.
He fully embraces his Japanese roots and even joins the family profession, look at this stern officer sworn to make Koreans pay:

And as if that is not enough he goes full force psychopath, just look at this face! Oh Lord!

Everything goes downhill from there and a complete tragedy takes place, his story arch is so sad it got me depressed. I genuinely liked Shunji, even after he flipped 180, or rather 360. I sat to watch the depressing and miserable show because of him, I don’t know why, but there was a sense of innocence in all of his terrible actions and I kept waiting for a sign to show he’s not fully evil, well I got a glimpse every now and then, that alone proves what a great series it is.

This photo is what was supposed to happen on this wedding day, the best man to his best friend, all happy faces, but in reality… I’ll just say it was a bloody business. Ugh!

Such a complex character facing a dilemma difficult to ignore. You just want to know what is going on in his head when he does and says these horrible things, and his ending was of course as sad as his heart that got broken so many times over love, family, friendship, identity you name it.
And man, when things like these happen, why? why? I can’t handle it no more.

The two best friends crying over lost family members

Just let me say Park Ki-Woong, you are one A-class actor.

Okay, phew! Can’t believe I made it through this one. Anyway, Shunji is lethal with a Katana, well trained since childhood, add to it all the skills of a high in rank officer, now he might be a bit scary and crazy sometimes, but I assure you he can get the job done.
Villain or not he is a member in the dream team.

Okay! Whose the Barca player of the day?

Marc-André Ter Stegan

The 2nd keeper at FC Barcelona (if you can call him that) he keeps at the CL matches and although still young he is simply amazing. We are more than lucky to have him. He joined the squad last season and had promising results. I have to say the German style in keeping has always been impressive. Will Stegan become the next Neuer at the national team of Germany? Still unknown, but let me tell you, this tall lad is on his way to greatness. And I like me a keeper who can block a penalty when needed :) this boy can use his feet as he uses his hands when dealing with the ball and my oh my his reflexes! Are you OCD-ish my boy?
Give me a keeper who makes me feel at ease and safe and I smile from ear to ear.

We got Gryffindor, Ravenclaw and a Slytherin in this team. After devising the perfect plan that won’t take long cause the 5 are great thinkers who will put their differences aside for the greater good (make it somewhat twisted for Shunji). Shivani, Shunji and Sam can afford the guns and muscle, while Stiles with little convincing can offer himself as bait, meanwhile Stegan will be the eye behind the spyglass and will contact the team via wireless, it’s a win-win for everyone. Throw any kind of enemy, a career criminal hiding in a war zone or a supernatural beast with his armies, this is the team to finish it.

Hope you enjoyed this one.

See you later! 


  1. I'm showing my age... I don't know any of these fine people!

    1. And that is why you got me to tell you about them ;)

  2. I need to watch more Korean tv and Bollywood movies :) Both sound fascinating! Also, I do love Sam Winchester :)

    @TarkabarkaHolgy from
    The Multicolored Diary

    1. You need to watch a LOT of those my friend :p I also need to watch more Hungarian cartoons eh? hehe