Wednesday, April 27, 2016

W is for Team Wonder

State Of Day. I can’t breathe, can’t seem to live anymore, matches are from Saturday to Saturday, only one match per week, no FC Barcelona for a whole week. Slow death. Sigh!
Why hello there!

‘W’ how about that? I always found it cute, as a letter, if it makes sense. A catchy name if you ask me, even in Spanish: “doblay-bay” hah! Cute :) as far as my Spanish teacher is concerned, I’m a good student, he’s pretty impressed with my linguistic background.
Learning Spanish has really gave me  something to look forward to, but I’m positive we can talk about all this later.
Right now, I have a team to represent.
Ladies and gentlemen, bringing you The Dream team ‘Wonder’

Dean Winchester from Tv series Supernatural

Now I don’t know if there is someone out there who hates the older Winchester, but if you like Sam, you definitely like Dean.
Because Dean lives for Sam.
I stated before, talking about Sam, that he is the surviving one. But the truth is the driving force of the whole show is Dean Winchester. No matter how many stupid choices he has made and keeps making, no matter how he ruins everything good and interesting and new that had or might have happened if he didn’t interfere like he always does. Even if he brings the end of the world as we know it upon us, Dean will remain the Winchester we love.
From since they were children, the death of their mother, the absent and angry father, who was more of a hunter than anything else, the constant moving from town to town, Dean has taken the role of Sam’s protector to the extreme. He became his everything. And although he did all what he could to get his father’s attention, becoming a skillful hunter from a very young age, surprisingly that (irritating) old man preferred Sam. Go Figure!
Thank God we’re done with him early on (No spoilers by the way).
Leaving us only with Dean being fully responsible for Sam.

And no matter how he hide’s it behind his macho ways, and rough language and old jackets and bad drinking habits, even while driving his beloved impala in full speed, that guy will never make it without his younger brother.
The time I genuinely fell for Dean was when he told Sam for the first time about his experience in Hell (because he went there you see). The anguish, the fear, the pain and regret he displayed in that unforgettable scene? Wow. Let’s just say in a series that spanned 10 seasons I was hooked and still am.
Why he went to Hell you ask me? he signed a contract with the devil, to take his soul in exchange for bringing Sam back to life (he died with a sword through his chest) and he had only one year to live (as I can remember). Told yea he will do anything for Sammi.
Okay, Dean is just funny. His face expressions are hilarious, the cheep horror movies, pies and burgers with a dreadful amount of grease, the terrible things he enjoys speaks volumes about him. And he says the silliest things, so quotable.
You know what he loves, secondly? His Impala. Oops! Let me correct my mistake, his baby :P OMG! I love that car! So unique and awesome, the day my eyes detected it I knew I wanted it……right now!!!

Can’t blame the guy, just look at it, and like Rohan with his laptop, insult (or rather try to possess) his wheels and he will hunt you down. And man he’s such a perfect hunter. Seriously, the Impala is a character in this show, it is the one place the brothers can call home and it witnessed great events. 

You can also say that he considers Cass the angel as his only friend. But just like with Benny, this friendship is rather complicated.
I don’t know, I really wish they will give him a love interest and make him settle down, I mean they got the “Men of Letters” bunker now, these boys should think of producing the next generation of the Winchester family at this satge.
Yes, he can be overly needy, childish and lousy sometimes (let alone his potty mouth) but he can be really sweet, I mean, how he goes all yearn-y faced when somehow his dead mother is around, or when you see him on Christmas eve wearing a necklace that years ago Sam gave him on the same night, and when you see him humming in the morning bringing Sam breakfast and tending to his wound. Aw! So lovable, there is hope he might be a good husband? Father? No? Anyone?
Expectations. An A Class hunter, he can bring down the devious creature of the night, and he can use all the resources possible to do that, his physical strength, weapons of different shapes and sizes, spells, charms, intimidating, you name it.
Yea he can get obsessive, over protective, and controlling sometimes, but if he goes older brother on you (like he did to many characters aside from Sam) just yell at him. You can only reason with him if your voice is louder. Dean isn’t an idiot, he is as clever as it gets, but no doubt power is the language he speaks.
Dean was born to make the Dream Team.

Kang Woo from the Korean Drama Master’s Sun

Master’s Sun was a beautiful funny drama that had many interesting characters and Kang Woo stuck with me for a while (and againinspired me to write a small piece).
The head of security in the master’s Kingdom the major department store. Follows orders, always ready, in shape, serious and dedicated, tall and handsome and ridiculously behaved. His only one problem is that he was desperately in love with the heroine Tae Gong-Shil who was of course in love with the master.
Ah! what a heartache, I mean things were going well between them at the start :(
And even as the women he loved kept moving further and further from him he just stayed loyal to her for such a long time it hurt. The bodyguard side was a big part of his character, as if he was the representation of the word itself. I mean, Gong-Shil can see ghosts, and Kang Woo, the fearless, from all the scary things in the world, is afraid of ghosts. But he got over it, just for her, to protect her.

if he can see the coffee ghost like her, Kang Woo would have flipped

One moving scene was when Gong-Shil had to work for a women who arranged marriages for ghosts (dead people….weird career choice) and every night she had to do the thing that freaks her the most, go to symmetries and look for roaming dead souls interested in getting married. . Kang Woo found out, and he just continued to walk behind her, without her noticing, keeping watch, and as he explained afterwards waiting for her to call him so he can run to her aid.
That just broke my heart.
Eventually, Kang Woo, the good and caring ends up with Tae Yi-ryung the annoying and superficial movie star, and that is only, if you asked me, because she kept running after him and throwing herself in his way, and like all the naive good guys, he just gave in! guh!
I mean come on! You could have found him someone at least at the same level of deepness. Ah well, what matters is that he’s happy.
Head of security, solder, can fight in a breathtaking style and just the sweetest nicest guy a girl can meet, screaming Dream Team.

Um…funny but I guess Older Winchester and Kang Woo have to make it on their own since there isn’t a Barca player I can find with a W in his name. But no fear, these two are capable of performing splendidly.

And since Kang Woo is over his ghost phobia I can see him fighting monsters and gangsters with Dean and knocking missions from their list like dominoes. And afterwards, chill in a nice quiet place and have a man to man talk. Dean will think he’s a too soft boy at the beginning, but when he brings his military background and tell some memorable stories Dean is going to really like him. And thank God Kang Woo will have to return to Korea giving Dean no reason to screw up this friendship like he always does.
These two? Can perform wonders.


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