Monday, April 4, 2016

Team C and Recommendations


More than a 1000 blogger are participating in 2016 A to Z challenge and I have been out and about a little, I confess, visited only a few, but still, I found me some enjoyable reads. In fact, I recommend you go check:

  1. At Beth Camp you can learn about Canada, North America and Australia in the mid 19nth century, an interest of mine, really remarkable stuff guys!
  2. And just like last year J.H. Moncrieff is rocking it again with her awesome (really high class) things that go bump in the night.
  3. For those who are seeking flash fiction I’ve been reading Louise's Love of Life and Stephanie Ingram.
  4. Our weird Hungarian MopDog who likes to blog about weird Hungarian things is back this year bringing us all the weird Hungarian cartoons we can only dream about. And you know what? I recognized one, the Mezga Family! I have actually seen a cartoon from Hungary :D

So my friends, today I will be brief, unfortunately, although my C Team is really cool but ugh! Time :(

Our heroes for the day are:
Charlie from the blloywood movie Happy New Year

Chandramohan nicknamed Charlie is, well, we don’t really know except that he is a wrestler turned dancer turned international thief. All Charlie had on his mind for 8 years was one thing to avenge his late father who died in prison by throwing the man responsible for it behind bars, to do that he put a master plan, gathered a bunch of misfits for help and cracked not one but two of the strongest safes in the world devised by his own father.
So you have it, a master mind, slick, quick, fights and works perfectly under pressure, a natural leader who can handle people from all walks of life, not to mention charming and persuasive, you can’t say no to this guy even if you wanted to.      

Cinder from Cinder by Marissa Meyer


The best mechanic in New Beijing is a cyborg teenager who I adore so much. Never liked cyborg stories before Cinder. A fantastic character, although she’s a Cinderella retelling she’s anything but submissive and weak, as a cyborg Cinder endured living as a second degree citizen, practically owned by her terrible adoptive mother and –thank God-only one spoiled sister (her younger sister was a sweet thing). 
Cinder is a rebel with the right attitude, she found herself in front of death, dangerous secrets and an enemy the whole planet fears, the Lunar Queen and decided to fightback. And I can't leave without saying this, this girl is loved by Emperor Kay, the coolest love interest in all YA books.
Her abilities are unlimited; she can hide things in small rooms in her leg, she can turn her fingers to all the tools she needs, she can link directly to the internet and of course she’s a mechanic who can fix almost anything technical, I mean she managed to make a car, a freaking car all by herself, and if your lying Cinder can know. How fab is that?
This brave girl  is perfect for the dream team.

Carlisle Cullen from The Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer  


I had a huge crush on the head of the Cullens. I mean come on, Carlisle is the force of good, he’s a vampire and a doctor, one designed to end lives one to preserve it and yet he made it work and even surrounded himself by a powerful family very unique in the vampire world by feeding on only animal blood.
What makes Carlisle so appealing as a character is that when you take the vampire aspect from the equation your left with a compassionate and idealistic man who treats his wife with great love and respect and provides a safe home and mentoring for five adopted teenagers not to mention leads a successful career as a doctor and scientist. Father of the year, no?
When it comes to physical power the vampire side needs no explanation but what more can Carlisle provide for the team? A healer and the voice of reason, you can’t stray when he’s there taking you from darkness to light, when conflict takes place he will be present to keep the team together.

Okay, so, the supervisor of today is not our leader. He’s a young man, all I want from him is to send me reports but I’m sure recording from a distance won’t satisfy his wild ambition, this boy will want in, a part in the action.

Sergi Roberto Carnicer    

I root for the youngsters coming from Barcelona B, these boys are so talented, Munir, Sandro, Rafa, Smper and more. But if you want the most shining it will be Sergi Roberto. This brilliant 24 plays as a central midfielder and sometimes even a defensive midfielder, full back or winger, wich is wow!  he has proven his right to start with the first team many a time thanks to his dedication and hard work, doing everything the couch asks from him, Sergi is the future of Barca, let’s just hope he stays foot and doesn’t get snatched by another team.

Now unfortunately I’m not assigning a certain mission to this team because of lack of time but I can tell you this:

With everything her body can do Charlie will love Cinder to pieces, he will try to discover all her strengths and point her weaknesses, challenge her to unlock her full potential and I daresay he will try charming her into becoming a loyal follower, after all, Charlie is a thief, his motto is “no motivation, no crime” for God’s sake! I bet he will do the same to Roberto but a good thing we have Carlisle to block his path. No way you will corrupt these kids under my watch.
But I’m positive that after all is said and done what is left will be a genuine friendship, celebrations will be in ball rooms of grand hotels or with a walk under trees as old as Earth, or even museums. And Roberto and Cinder will find a good guide in the two elders. Cinder in her quest to reclaim her stolen heritage as the lunar princess and Roberto in becoming the best midfielder the world has ever seen.
Which makes them very lucky if you ask me.

See you later me friends ^-^


  1. I think Cinder will find a great mentor in Carlisle. Awesome team today.

    1. Thank youuu! and Yes she definitely will.

  2. Wow, if I hadn't read the first Twilight book, I'd be completely in the dark. At least I'm getting an education. :)

    Go, team A! (Still has my vote so far)

    1. O! so the voting have began? good! good! now we're talking :D

    Also, I need to watch more Bollywood movies... the ones I saw were great fun :)

    @TarkabarkaHolgy from
    The Multicolored Diary

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