Thursday, April 14, 2016

L is for a Team that Leads

State Of Day. Why? O why do I keep doing this to myself? Days ago I watched the final episode of the Korean Drama Gaksital “Bridal Mask”. A periodic about the last years of the Japanese invasion of Korea and the uprising leading to independence. And this drama was heart wrenching. No wonder the two leads got the shooting cut many times, they couldn’t stop crying because it was all so painful.
They cried and they were acting it, you can imagine what it did to me watching it. Good side is discovering a new remarkable Korean actor, Park Ki-Woong who played the tragic villain Kimura Shunji, a psychopath you hate…HATE loving.

And. Goodbye Champions League, there will always be next year, cheer up boys. Visca Barca!

Your Captain is here for team L for the annual A to Z blogging challenge.

Luka Martin from the Tv series Vampire Diaries

First of all, before you all go “Ew Haneen! Vampire diaries? for cry out loud!”
Yes, you are correct. Bad show. I do not know how many seasons were made or what happened to the characters nor do I even care…anymore. You see at its first seasons VD was really good. A thrilling, action-packed, romance at its best, the pot of gold and awesomeness.
That of course until it deteriorated into a pathetic ridiculous air bag of nothingness.
I lost interest. Forever. Boo!
But…from those few seasons, the show had some amazing characters that passed by but left a trail of lasting effect on my memory.
One of those characters was Luka Martin.

Luka, who preferred to be called “warlock”, appeared in season two as a fellow witch helping Bonnie (the central which in VD) in casting spells and finding answers. After awhile the group discover that he and his father Martin are agents for an original Vampire called Elijah.
what I appreciated about Luka is his loyalty to his family.  In a scene Bonnie uses a spell on him to get him tell her why they came to town, and even then, unconscious, it took him quite the struggle to speak. “I can’t. He will kill her” he was crying. 
He and his father had a deal with Elijah, they help him eliminate his powerful original brother Klaus and he helps them rescue their sister Greta who Klaus kidnapped and uses now as his own personal witch.
The group offer their own assistance instead of the deluding Elijah, the very reasonable Luka says it’s a good idea but old Martin says No! we stick to the plan with Elijah.
Then happens the tragedy.
I appreciated the way he lived, but the way he died? Man, that is a whole other story.
Old man sends Luka (through a spell in astral form) to the Salvatore house to resurrect a dead Elijah, the vampires discover someone’s there, set him on fire by a flamethrower.
Luka returns back to his father, burning, screaming in great agony (still screaming in my head) he falls down. And dies.
End of story.
His father goes to avenge him, gets killed. Last episode Greta gets killed. Family whipped from existence.
Such a waist.
So sad.
A talented, good young man, I bet he got straight As at school. From the stylish way he dresses, the way he speaks, that’s a boy who reads.

see those books?
told ya

All he wanted was to save his sister and dies in this horrible fashion. God it hurt. I wrote a short story inspired by his character and untimely death.
Now. He’s good at witchcraft, higher in rank than Bonnie herself at the time. He’s a thinker, trust worthy and outgoing.  Luka is a team member I refuse to pass.

Lewis from the movie Meet the Robinsons

Ah! The cutest animation show you can ever see. I always love me a genius. Always. And Little Lewis did not disappoint.
All this orphan boy wanted was to find a loving family. He used his beautiful mind and invented a memory scanner to help him scan his own memory in order to know who his real mother is. (she left him at the orphanage stairs).
There is time travelling, there is family meetings, evil mastermind flying hats and childhood friends who turned enemies and a bright future. But the greatest thing about this movie is that our little boy has all his dreams come true at the end, he finds a loving family to adopt him and a wonderful space of his own to exploit his powers and invent and produce and keep inventing amazing things.

Lewis is such a sweet little kid, you gotta love him and his “keep moving forward” phrase (a Walt Disney saying) ask him to fix anything, to invent your wildest dreams, he will spend sleepless nights to make it happen.
Deserves to be in the L dream team.

Leading this due of youngsters is a legendary player I mentioned more than once on this blog and during past challenges and I’m positive I’ll keep doing it. The one and only first Captain of this Barca squad,

Andres Iniesta Luján

we are always okay under your lead Iniesta

I said it a lot before, I genuinely respect and like this man. The best midfielder in the world and of his generation, and the one that guides the boys during winnings, and if they lose he keeps the team together and leads by example. 

with fellow team mate Arda Turan. So cute!

A decorated player that won all that is possible either with Barcelona or Spain from the best team in the world, la Ligai, Copa dil Ray, super cup, Champions League, Euro and even the world Cup 2010. And more a nice, really nice guy, quiet and humble.
You can read more about this wonderful player in this previous post.

So. Ah! this team, so fine. Iniesta will plan fantastically (Ahoy, midfielder!) Lewis will invent and Luka will add the touch of magic needed. A team that leads indeed. Perfection.

You like it?
Oh just wait for tomorrow, I got you one dream team you won’t resist.

See ya!


  1. It is a bad show (I gave up on it a long time ago) but even bad shows usually have something about them to like. I have watched some just for one character, or just for one storyline...
    Good team! :)

    @TarkabarkaHolgy from
    The Multicolored Diary

    1. I did that too, watched entire shows simply for one character, ah! so desperate, no? Glad you liked the team ^-^

  2. I don't know any of these characters! And I've never watched the Vampire Diaries... I would watch Gaksital “Bridal Mask”, but I don't think my husband would... :) Sometimes a good cry is a good thing.

    1. Gaksital is beyond amazing, I recommend. I can't get it out of my head till now (nor Kimura Shunji), I do believe a good cry is important every now and then but I guess this time I went a bet too far? God help me forget the pain. hehe

  3. Ah, I have not heard of this one though I am a fan of Korean drama as well. Have you seen Kyul Yun Ga? My favorite drama by far is Dae Jang Geum.
    @deb_atwood from
    Pen In Her Hand

    1. OMG!Dae Jang Geum was my entrance to the world of KD! a classic, I love so much, was actually searching for it's music days ago :) and although I like both stars I didn't like really see Kyul Yun Ga, only some episodes, but funny non the less.

  4. sounds like a heart breaker. Never seen the show (not sure I could watch it.)
    Happy monday sweet Haneen