Saturday, April 18, 2015


He has done it everyone. Leo Messi today has scored his 400th with FC Barcelona into the net of Valencia on Camp Nou soil, while gave the assist to Suarez’s first goal securing another win for the team 2: 0 in one really difficult match.

Today’s true hero was Bravo who all in all did a magnificent job guarding our back against Valencia’s determined attackers including stopping a penalty from Valencia's captain Parejo.

Bravo after catching the penalty

We are still on top of La Lega weather Madrid wins today’s match against Malaga or not so HA!

As for the magic event. It was at the last minute of added time, 2nd half, Valencia’s expected to tie, both teams in Barca’s half of the field and I gave up early, telling myself the new achievement has to wait for another match, but the boll is cut somehow and it reaches a very short figure highlighting to the other side, it doesn’t take me long to realize it’s Leo and me and RoboBro are suddenly on the edge of the couch, watching a complete individual job with no one other but him, one defender from Valencia and the keeper. In a heartbeat the Capitano out fasts the defender, tries to get it over the keeper but it hits him instead, takes it back, puts it in the goal and runs around the net to fall on the ground in complete happiness and disbelief as the rest of his mates gather to congratulate him while I shout “Four Hundred!” and RoboBro claps.

always humble Messi

Leo Messi you are the ambassador of happiness, you are a gift to humanity. It's good that such great things are happening considering that this will be Xavi Hernandez's final season with the club, another living legend of FC Berceluna is leaving, he's heading to Qatar. May all the luck, success and blessing follow you there dear Captain and legend.

Destiny on your shirt Captain

No way I’m letting this experience escape from today’s poem, here it is ladies and gentlemen my latest masterpiece (sorry had to say it):


Messi plays like magic is real
But what if magic IS real
Then our lessons aren’t all from dragon scrolls after all
We can get high on the stuff of dreams
And jump on clouds and trees and streams
And duel in enchanted mazes
And step to the world of faeries?
No! no faeries.
But does it mean our reality will be less cruel
Our lives less complicated
Our hearts lighter
Our love stories much more epic!
Do we even need the “Epic” ?
Ah well
Messi remains to play like he points a gun to Felix Felicis’s head
With 400 goals at 27 just
While this is yet another useless philosophy on the notebook

of a ridiculously bored lonely poet


  1. Haha :) This poem is quite a ride. 400 at 27, that's very impressive...

    @TarkabarkaHolgy from
    Multicolored Diary - Epics from A to Z
    MopDog - 26 Ways to Die in Medieval Hungary

    1. VERY impressive :) honestly he's the greatest of all time.