Friday, April 24, 2015

U = Underrated

State Of Day.
What did I tell ya?
FC Barcelona will be running against FC Bayern Munich
Clash of the Titans Indeed!
There is nothing else to do now, what’s done is done
1st leg 6 May in Munich, 2nd leg 12 May in Barcelona
It will be brutal, it will be EPIC!
Visca Barca!

Greetings everyone :)

“Underrated” kind of goes in the same lines of Poindexter’s poem I chose to display today. I don’t know why but I’ve always noticed that individuals who are very nice, quiet and kind of innocent are the ones left behind or ignored. They are forced to change in order for the world to recognize them and show respect.
I hate that.
Why should someone so beautiful flip 180 and become loud and over competitive or even rude so they could make a place for them in society?
Shyness isn’t a second rate personality trait, it’s a beautiful characteristic that is quite different from little self confidence or a phobia of any kind.
We need to start making something out of what we already have instead of pursuing things that work for others, or the latest trend.
 A trend that doesn’t necessarily even suit us.
And we need to teach this to our children and empower them.

Christopher’s poem on the other hand hits a nerve because I relate to it. I was always the girl sitting alone in a corner in gatherings.

Sometimes I still do.

Short, quiet and shy
How you take my breath away
Cute, Soft spoken, and oh My!
Look at you!
Hands in pockets, and a lovely smile
blinking eyes behind the glasses
a talent bigger than a planet
  keeping so much to your precious self
You are amazing
You are perfection

But severely underrated.



  1. I love the imagery! Thanks for a great poem!

  2. Thanks for sharing your poem. Lots of underrated people out there!

    1. Thanks Jay, unfortunately that's true :|