Wednesday, April 8, 2015

G = Goal

I’m really tired by now, my poems kindda show this, they’re getting bleaker. I’m still here though, can you believe it? :) Hope you like this one.

Oh my God! They are champions
What a wonder!
How amazing,
What a goal!
The boys were celebrating, holding the cup high
Laughing and singing and sending the poor coach to the sky
Was reliving the struggle
Can’t afford tears now
After all
is the plan
from the emptiness that echoes off the furniture
off the chairs
and I almost chock on the darkness, the thickness
and no one cares
Focus! Focus!
Use your sharingan eye
copy the joy from the screen
Smile and maybe
Maybe next year
Things will be different
From the past five years


 Any Naruto lovers around? ;)  

See you tomorrow. 


  1. This is kind of sad. I hope next year will be different. It reminds me of when my youngest daughter ran track and every season during high school hoped that the next year she would beat the faster girl from a competing school

    1. You surprised me. I never thought of it that way, but you found another meaning entirely for this poem and what can I say I'm flattered thank you, I hope your daughter managed to get over that feeling. Thank you for passing by :)

  2. H iHaneen .. it's not always possible to not let some darker thoughts come into our existence .. but the Goal is good .. and I've never heard of Ninja Naruto films from Japan .. cheers Hilary

    1. Yes, you obviously never heard of it :D Thanks for the comment.