Monday, April 20, 2015

Q = QUEEN & 400 again!

Greetings everyone and alsalamu3alaekum

On Saturday I was going all around the place telling the universe how psyched I am for Messi’s newest achievement, his 400th goal with the colors of the blaugrana.
Yesterday I pretty much did the same on facebook and pinterest so today I’m back to my senses.
I will act in complete grace, maintain my equilibrium, and keep to point with today’s post, the A to Z ‘Q’ poem. And...and..

Haneen don't, don't do that, calm down...
Ah screw that!
oh No!
People 400! FOUR HUNDRED!

Beautifully done 

You can’t but finish it with a gasp and slam your hand on your mouth, like you blurted a secret that shouldn’t be told.

Didn’t I tell yea? Outfast the defender, handle the keeper

Into the net baby

Then run behind the goal, fall to the ground like your life depends on it while your mates congratulate you 

You are The Man

Messi radiant after the game, acting cool by telling us we're cool 
for telling him he's cool for scoring his 400th so it's mutual 

How on earth? He’s the youngest in all Europe to reach that, it’s so amazing.
I’m literary tired from gushing about this but I can’t stop, not yet. It’s like I’m on this mission, it has to run its course, it’s what KITT (the beautiful intelligent car) in Night Rider explains “it’s my protocol.”

Andy Murry attended that match in Camp Nou, you know; Scottish tennis  professional. He's a fan too, no wonder I find him entertaining.

The match against Valencia with Suarez scoring at the first minute then Messi at the last proved how strong the team wanted the cup this year, oh man FC Barcelona you must win La Lega you just have to, I don’t want to say more in fear of something wrong to happen because it has been a long time since things were going so right.
Visca Barca

I hope you enjoy today’s poem visitors and challengers, my God! we are almost there, feeling the tug at the back of your head already? I know I do ;)
Keep up the good work guys we are going to win this.


I’ve been called many things
but never a queen
So I’ll say it to thy self
since the world isn’t keen
On me
Oh Haneen!
You’re the Queen

Tomorrow we meet again Insha’Allah


  1. Fantastic post. I really loved your RAP, Queen. Thanks for visiting The Write Game and putting your Muslim voice into the mix. Right now I'm struggling to understand how Muslims, true Muslims, are going to deal with the extremists who defame the religion. I'm so hoping the voice of reason will speak loudly, but it must come soon. That's my HO. Come back and say hello tomorrow. Insha’Allah.

    1. Wait what? So I’m raping now?! O-O Ah no! that was so not in the plan, what is this challenge doing to me? thanks cleemckenzie your nice words are appreciated, your posts are really good and educational and your personality shines through, of course I’ll be visiting again :) Insha'Allah.

    2. I think you are rapping, and it's in the ancient tradition of the chorus that your words come to me from the post. The AtoZ does sneak thing in on you when you don't expect it.

  2. Yes, Queen! :)

    and, just so you know I have no idea about soccer and goals and who that guy is, but he's super, super, super nice-looking. maybe i should watch more soccer.

    1. hey hold ya horses there Stephanie he's mine! no really, Ha Ha! Messi practically has the world under his feet right now, I can talk till next week about him and the team and soccer in general, and is easy on the eye but let's not focus on that right now eh? let's focus on the play ;)

  3. That is a lovely thought, to think of yourself as a queen. Thank you!

  4. You are the queen indeed! :)

    @TarkabarkaHolgy from
    Multicolored Diary - Epics from A to Z
    MopDog - 26 Ways to Die in Medieval Hungary

  5. Hi Haneen - I'm very happy with Queen .. the rest - I've no idea!! Loved the poem though .. cheers Hilary

  6. Haha! Thanks Hilary, I know most of my readers aren't football experts, happy you liked the poem :)