Wednesday, April 15, 2015

M = Minorities

Hello there :) another day on the A to Z challenge and I’m kind of feeling happy after talking too much lighthouses yesterday.
Oh don’t look at me like that? We all have are thing.

Still though, almost an hour from now FC Barcelona VS PSG will be on and I’m not sure anymore, I guess I’m a little lightheaded and getting feelings mixed up…Great! Flipping GREAT! now I’ve totally freaked myself out.
Ignore me and move to the poem;

Is it true?
That we, the loners, are the minority
Or are we much more than one would want to believe
many of our kind hiding in the crowd
Going brighter in the light
And darker in the dark
Forced to live in Chameleon style.
Left your head up
Don’t fear to disappear
Stay exactly the way you are
You’ll shine the brightest
On your right hour
Many great people
emerged from that special land

of minorities.



  1. Everyone shoud read this's never easy being different, because nobody ever remembers 'different' isn't the same as 'wrong'.

    @Get Lost in Lit

  2. "Forced to live in Chameleon style..." I love it! Great job, Haneen!

  3. Well put, Haneen. We can't and should never let ourselves think of others as less than us. :)