Thursday, April 23, 2015


Between Bayern Munich, *Juventus and Real Madrid I can’t really imagine Braca’s way to the Champions League finals but through a clash of Titans.
*(If I’m a hat wearer I will take mine down for Juve, 12 years since they reached the semifinals, they won it fairly against Monaco. Bravo boys).

The last four standing
FC Barcelona, Bayern, Juvi & R.Madrid

I sincerely have no idea what’s worse? to meet Bayern in two games in the semifinals and risk their wasp sting at any moment kicking us out of the tournament, or meet them in the finals in only one game and risk never having a chance to redeem ourselves and bye bye tournament.

I sound pessimistic don’t I? it’s because I’m exhausted right now, wanting so hard to forget I still have to go to visits and parties and markets and all that I do not need right now.
April I love you but it’s time you go on your merry way so I can finally get my vacation and sleep. When was the last time I did that?
Speaking of witch:

It's time I stand for myself
For my people
brothers who need a scream to wake
sisters who need a shake
Time I embrace the essence
Break the shell and become the protector
Hold the sword and lead
Not the fear, not the rain will stop me tonight
And the army of giant robots and their riders all ready
Will suffer a metal pain this night
I have said my words

You are my witness  


  1. Hi Haneen - we never know .. just sometimes the underdog shows his mettle and pulls through - let's hope so!

    Time - could time stand still .. it'd be good if it went a little slower ... and yes time could become the protector ... cheers Hilary

    1. I make it look like that didn't I? my bad. Barca aren't the underdog, in fact they are the most feared by other teams it's just that Bayern always give me the creeps especially that I like them so much. Ah football! Time is so weird, it could do many different things.

  2. That is a powerful poem, thank you!

    1. So nice of you Fida ^_^ you humble me.