Monday, April 27, 2015

W = Wait


Don’t go
You can’t leave me now
I stopped my life on you
You left me a barren existence
and I suffered
all the woes that followed
so I deserted warmth
Preparing for this meeting
Now that you fell under my radar again
I refuse to let you go
I have a clear shot

 You took his life now I will take yours.


  1. Visiting you in these last days of the #Challenge. A treat to find your poem for the letter W today. If you have any energy left, come see what I've been up to. It has been great fun, don't you agree?

    1. Thanks Stepheny, I know right? who believes I'm still standing. I'll do my best to make it.

  2. Strong emotions Haneen. Good one. :)
    The last line , slightly scary though.

    1. Thank youoooo :) Ha! I know, it's kind of creepy heheh.

  3. Good poem, though a little dark for my taste. I adore your blog title! Is it after the Barry White song?
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    1. O Hello there :) Thanks for visiting. Yea this one is darker than the rest I guess, but you can go look at the previous ones, you may find one you will like. The theme is dark but not to the extreme.

  4. Strong poem, and a hint of desperation comes through. Well done!

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